Leadership – Both Born & Made

Some argue that leaders are born, not made. But others may insist that leaders can be made and do not always need to be ready-made born. This latter group makes a positive statement which also becomes coincidentally relevant to leadership consulting work. It believes that there is potential within every human being to develop into leaders. And it could be argued that even existing, natural born leaders should be open to further development.

And there are leaders out there, born every day, that would not know that they are destined to become future captains of industry. It takes experienced company managers to notice the leadership potential among some of their staff members. But they do not always come forward and apply themselves when promotions are advertised. They bide their time, seemingly quite content to labor on in the belief that they have reached the peak of their abilities. 

It takes a manager with great leadership abilities to recognize the positive qualities in others. They do not insist on their participation. But they do have the habit to gently and subtly nudge and coax and coach their protégés in the direction they should be going. Leadership consulting work can groom the company’s future leaders, teach them all about those abilities they never knew they had. But at the same time, existing leaders should always keep the door open for further refinement.

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Apart from wishing to make career advances, company managers and supervisors should be broadminded and modest enough to acknowledge that as far as they are concerned, there is always room for improvement. This is the pursuit of excellence. Never stop going forward in life. Even if you are not the proverbial natural born leader, you still have it in yourself to lead yourself.